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The Virtual Wave Observatory

The VWO vision is to enable sharing of Heliophysics wave data and expert knowledge. The goal of VWO is therefore to make Heliophysics wave data searchable, understandable and usable by the scientific community.

Over 3.8 million wave data files are accessible from VWO.

VWO Services

Data Query
The methods you can use to find data.
A Primer on the use of wave data in Heliophysics research and examples of the VWO in action.
The different kinds of waves in the Heliosphere: Where they are, what they are like, and what we can learn from them.
Annotation Service
Wave emissions don't come with labels. Here is where we add them.
Data Providers
How to register your data to make it searchable through the VWO.

An image of objects in the Heliosphere and the wave data they produce.
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