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Examples of wave phenomena typically present in Ulysses URAP data.
A discussion of wave phenomena observed by Ulysses URAP, sample spectrogram plots of these data and discussion on other uses of URAP data.
Examples of Research on Waves in Space Plasmas by Ondrej Santolik
Samples of data on wave phenomenon, their explanation and references to research conducted by Ondrej Santolik.
Summary of Magnetopsheric Wave Phenomena
A description of various magnetospheric waves and their effects on the plasma population in the magnetosphere, courtesy of the Van Allen Probes Electric and Magnetic Field Instrument Suite and Integrated Science (EMFISIS) instrument.
Craig Kletzing PI, The University of Iowa, provides a summary of magnetospheric waves and early results from EMFISIS (AGU Fall Meeting, 4 December 2012).
Atmospheric Gravity Waves
An article on the physics of gravity waves along with examples of ground-, air-, and space-based observations of these waves.
Schumann Resonance
An article on the Schumman Resonance generated in Earth's atmospheric waveguide.

Recently, Simoes et al., using C/NOFS VEFI data, reported detecting Schumann resonances from space for the first time. The NASA press release provides details on the detection and more discussion on the resonance process.

Interpretation of Passive Wave Measurements

interference and instrumental effects with examples of data
interference and instrumental effects with examples of data.
interference and instrumental effects with examples of data.
The Closely-Spaced Search-Coil Magnetometer Array on Svalbard
This article discusses the science objectives for the search-coil magnetometer array on Svalbard, describes the equipment used and the advantages of this location for the study of ULF waves.

Interpretation of Active Wave Measurements

Four Decades of Space-Borne Radio Sounding, Radio Science Bulletin, No. 333, June 2010.
(Complete Issue, 5.5 MB PDF)
A review article by Robert Benson on ionospheric/magnetospheric radio sounders between 1961 and 2003. The article is also available as a separate download (1.6 MB PDF)
The Ionosonde Network Advisory Group (INAG) Bulletin
The INAG Bulletin website provides several article pertaining to interpretation of ionogram data.
A Manual for the Processing of MARSIS Electron Density Profiles (Active Ionospheric Sounding mode)
This document is intended as a ready reference, a “cookbook,” to enable researchers inexperienced in the theory and practice of ionogram inversion to make use of the mass of data currently becoming available. Also available is an annotated ionogram with various observable features identified.
How to detect erroneous ISIS-2 digital ionogram files

Other Tutorial Material

An Example Using the VWO to Browse Cluster Wideband Data
How to navigate through the large volume of Cluster WBD data to find your event of interest. This tutorial also gives details on the Epoch16 time variable used in the CDF data format.
University of Iowa radio and plasma wave tutorials
Articles on Radio and Plasma Waves and other aspects of Space Physics research.
A Brief Introduction to Radiospectrogram Analysis
A guide to the characteristics of solar radio bursts observed on spectrograms in the MHz range (produced by Ionospheric Prediction Service (IPS), Australia).
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