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The Virtual Wave Observatory Data Registration Plan

Satellite Mission (Experiment/Data types)Time SpanActive/PassiveStatus **
Akebono (PWS,VLF)1989-presentactive/passivei
Alouette 1 (VLF)1962-1972passivep
Alouette 2 (Sounder/ digital ionograms)1965-1975activer
AMPTE_CCE (PWE)1984-1989passivep
AMPTE_IRM (Plasma Wave)1984-1986passivep
AMPTE_UKS (Plasma Wave)1984-1985passivep
Arcad/Aureol-3 (ONCH-TBF)1981-1986passiver
Ariel-3 (VLF)1967-1970passivep
Ariel-4 (VLF)1971-1973passivep
C/NOFS (VEFI)2008-presentpassiver
Cassini (RPWS/spectrogram)1997-presentpassiver
Cluster (DWP, EFW, STAFF, Whisper/spectrogram)2001-presentactive/passivei
Cluster (WBD/ waveform)2001-presentpassiver
CRRES (Plasma wave)1990-1991passivei
DE 1 (PWI/ spectrogram)1981-1990passivei
Demeter (IMSC,ICE)2004-2010passivep
Double Star 1 & 2 (STAFF,LFEW)2003-2007passivep
ESA-GEOS1 1977-1978active/passivep
ESA-GEOS2 1978-1983active/passivep
FAST 1996-presentpassiver
Freja (F4-WAVE) 1992-1996passivep
Galileo (PWS/ spectrogram)1989-2003passiver
Geotail (PWI)1992-presentpassiver
Hawkeye (ELF-VLF/spectrogram)1974-1978passiver
Helios 1 and 2 (Plasma Wave Experiment-E5A)1974-1980passivep
IMAGE (RPI/ spectrogram, plasmagram)2000-2005active/passiver
IMP-6 (Wideband Receiver)1971-1973passivep
IMP-8 (Electrostatic Waves and Radio Noise) 1973-2006passivep
Injuns-3 (VLF)1962-1968passivep
Injuns-5 (VLF)1968-1971passivei
Interball-1 [Tail Probe] (AKR2, MIFM, OPERA, PRAM) 1995-2000passivep
Interball-2 [Auroral Probe] (IESP2, MEMO, NVK, POLRAD) 1996-1999passivep
ISEE 1 & 2 (Plasma wave, VLF)1977-1987active/passivep
ISEE 3/ICE (Plasma wave spectrum analyzer)1978-1997passivep
ISEE 3/ICE (Radio mapping of Solar Wind disturbances)1978-1997passivep
ISIS 1 (Sounder/ digital ionograms)1969-1984activer
ISIS 2 (Sounder/ digital ionograms)1971-1984activer
Jikiken (SPW, NPW, DPL, IEF)1978active/passivep
Magion-4 (EMF, KEM3)1995passivep
Magion-5 (SAS, KEM3, Waveform)1996passivep
OGO-1, (VLF)1964-1971passivep
OGO-2 (VLF)1965-1981passivep
OGO-3 (VLF, Search Coil)1966-1972passivep
OGO-4 (VLF)1964-1971passivep
OGO-5 (Search Coil, Plasma Wave)1968-1971passivep
OGO-6 (Search Coil, Plasma Wave)1969-1979passivep
Ohzora (TPS)1984active/passivep
Pioneer Venus Orbiter (OEFD)1978-1992passivep
Polar (PWI/ waveform, spectrogram)1996-1997passiver
RBSP A&B (Van Allen Probes) (EMFISIS)2012-presentpassivei
S-cubed (VLF)1971-1974passivei
SCATHA (SC1)1979passivep
STEREO (Swaves/ spectrogram)2006-presentpassivei
THEMIS/ARTEMIS (FBK, EFI, FGM, SCM)2007-presentpassivei
Ulysses (URAP/spectrogram, waveform, direction)1990-2008active/passivei
Viking (V4)1986-1987active/passivep
Voyager 1 & 2 (PRA/spectrogram)1977-1989passivei
Voyager 1 & 2 (PWS/spectrogram)1978-2000passivei
Wind (Waves/ spectrogram)1994-presentpassivei
Ground-based (Experiment/Data types)Time SpanActive/PassiveStatus**
Augsburg College AGO (Searchcoil Magnetometer /spectrograms)1993-2008passivep
Augsburg College Svalbard (Searchcoil Magnetometer /spectrograms)2006-2008passivep
Global Ionospheric Radio Observatory - GIRO (Ionograms)1987-presentactiver
NCAR Svalbard (Searchcoil Magnetometer /daily data files)2006-2008passivep
Radio JOVE1967-presentpassivep
U. Maryland AGO (Magnetometer, Riometer & VLF /Survey plots)1986-2005passivep

* The processing priority: 1 (high), 2 (medium), or 3 (low) gives the order in which the metadata of the datasets will be processed into SPASE format, depending on their readiness for conversion and on the availability of resources. Within the priority 1 category, the IMAGE/RPI data will be done first. The data sets with priority 3 will first have to be promoted to become online accessible (e.g. from CDAWeb or other online archives) before they can be converted; hence they have lower prority.

** Status: (p) - pending, (i) - in progress, (r) - registered

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